Van Stee Survey & Supply BV

  • Adres:
    Nieuwe Vissershaven
  • Postode / plaats:
    8861 NX Harlingen
  • Telefoon:
    +31 (0)517 415442
  • Fax:
    +31 (0)517 417576
  • E-mail:
Van Stee Survey & Supply BV

As Van Stee's services strated to expand, a location was sought where all operations could be properly coordinated. This place was found at the outer harbors of the Frisian town of Harlingen. Hence, the Van Stee company is housed in various facilities, with 250 m?² of office space, a repair/storage building of 1,800 m?², quay space, spacious parking, and easy accessibility to heavy goods transport. The geographical location, workshop and the well-equipped facilities make this site quite suitable for mobilization and demobilization activities. Having settled at the Nieuwe Vissershaven in Harlingen, Van Stee continued to expand his fleet offering clients a greater variety of vessels. Thus, the Sara Maatje IV was purchased- a fast passenger ship with accommodation for 30 persons and cargo space to perform stand-by duties.

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